Love Notes

I've stolen this term from Holly, but I really do think that Heavenly Father sends us little "love notes" every once in a while to let us know He knows us and He loves us. No matter how silly these things are. So to bring some happiness into my life (and maybe your life too), it's important for me to write down these "love notes" or things I'm grateful for a lot.

Here are some recent love notes I've received...

Finding a notebook from a high school class with a loose assignment in the the pages and some words written on it by a cute boy. Seeing that handwriting made my heart flutter a bit.

A few Tuesdays ago, I started to feel really sick to my stomach at work. It kept getting worse as the day progressed and I had classes. I started to get a migraine. A full-blown migraine. The kind where your face goes numb and throbs and your head feels like it's been split down the middle and you can't see straight and you might just lose your lunch. So after a 13 hour day, I was driving home with my glasses on and I just started crying, because I was so scared that I couldn't see anything. I was starving as well as emotionally drained and physically compromised. Ideal situation, right? In the middle of this little panic as I'm on South Temple, I think to myself, "Hmm, I have never tried anything from The Sweet Tooth Fairy before." (Random, I know...) Then I go back to thinking about friends and people and family and school and work as I drive home. As I'm coming up my street, there are a million trucks and cars lining the street, particularly in front of JaNae's house (well, she's married now and doesn't live there, but her family still does). So I get to my house and I sit out in the garage for a second. I text JaNae and say, "Wow. There are a million, bajillion cars outside your house." And then I walk inside and see cute JaNae in her scrubs, standing in the kitchen with my mom. I thought I was hallucinating. Nope it was real. The power had gone out all along her parents' street and she was there for dinner, but they couldn't cook...so they came to my house to cook! I was so glad I could see her after such a long day and talk to her for a bit. After she left, my mom made me the most delicious taco and gave me some medicine. I decided I'd be okay to go to our ward's relief society activity. My head was still hurting, but I was glad that I heard this great message about image, inner beauty and outer beauty. At the end of the speaker's time, the girl who had been in charge of the activity said that she had some cookies from The Sweet Tooth Fairy for refreshments. I just sat there and thought, "Ummm what!?" And that cookie was one of the best I have ever had and I think it made it even better that I had been having such a hard day. Even though it seems silly, that was like a "Wow, I am so loved" moment for me.

I've been struggling with a situation with some people lately and I haven't known how to approach it. But the other morning, I had a very distinct still small voice speak to my heart and mind and say, "Don't worry about it now. You will be presented with the opportune moment." Huge comfort and blessing. I have felt so at peace and it will work out at the opportune moment.

Having three people call me this week to simply talk and see how I am doing. These calls came from the three exact people I needed advice and counsel from...it was amazing and it made me realize that I need to act on my promptings EVERY single time I have them.

Fall Break. This past week was a huge love note to me. Being able to have a week to devote my focus to one less thing (school) and shifting it to just work and church and family was nice. I worked Monday thru Wednesday, then I had Thursday and Friday off. I was able to go to Kneader's for lunch with my mom and our dear friends, Ali and Karen, on Thursday. It was fun to catch up and laugh with them. It never hurts to have Ali's cute two year old boy with us too. Afterwards, my mom and I went shopping at Layton Hills Mall and drove "the scenic route" home from Layton. The fall weather has been simply  gorgeous. Thomas won his basketball game and it was fun to be able to go watch him dominate. After the game, I met Holly for a movie. Going to a movie for free, getting free parking and getting free cookies=awesome. Free stuff is always a little love note. On Friday, I didn't do much. I picked up Hope and Thomas from school, then we made our easy halloween costumes and our family drove to the Halloween Party on my mom's side of the family. It was amazing how spirit filled this party was! My cute cousin who is about 8 or 9 said a sweet prayer, we ate dinner, we judged the pumpkins ("spookiest" "happiest", etc.) We sang Halloween songs, listened to a spooky story told by Aunt Diane, and then we sang "Families Can Be Together Forever". It made me cry thinking about what a privilege it is to be a part of this family. On Saturday, I did a lot of things. But my favorite part was going to Holly's dinner party. The night was filled with eating delicious food with good friends, laughing at my poor pumpkin carving skills, and watching a good movie. Sunday has been amazing as usual and I have started to feel better about life tonight as I wrote this list.

Love notes are scattered in our every day lives if we choose to find and recognize them!!

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