Cranberry Sauce, AP Biology, and A Blog Award

In junior high, we would sit together in Creative Writing with Ms. Jones (remember that British accent) and we would write silly things on each other's notebooks and binders. In high school, I was in awe of her musical abilities as the pianist of almost every choir group and as a Madrigal her senior year. We sat together in AP Biology and we would talk about boys, school, life, and everything except biology. And for some reason I can't remember, we had a joke about cranberry sauce being a great birthday present (help me remember why...). This cute girl, Ashley, nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award and I just wanted to express to her how grateful I am for her friendship through the years! She is an inspiration and y'all should check out her blog! Thanks so much, Ashley!!

The rules of this are simple: give 7 facts about yourself and then nominate 7* fellow bloggers who you would like to give the “Versatile Blogger” award to.

1. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I focus on my faith a lot when I write, because it is a big part of who I am. I know I would be lost without it and it brings purpose to my life. I know without a doubt that this Gospel is true and Jesus Christ is my Savior. He lives and love us as does God, our Heavenly Father.

2. There are five people in my family (okay, six if you count our dog, Wilson, and of course my family would correct me if I didn't say we had six). We love each other a lot and we laugh with (and at) each other a lot. I am grateful for their examples and influence in my life. They are my absolute, eternal best friends and I am grateful I have them in my life. They are supportive, strong, insightful, hilarious, and talented. I hope we can always stay close. They teach me so much and help me get through this life.

3. I am a die-hard Utah fan. I was lost in life from 9th grade until mid-Junior year in high school when I thought it was okay to be a BYU fan. But I couldn't deny my roots and not be true to myself...and now my school! (Plus I look better in red anyway.) I love my University and my major--Speech Pathology! School is really so fun!

4. In addition to school, I work at the Church Office Building. And I'm the Relief Society President of my YSA ward. Though my schedule is crazy right now, it's good to be busy and it's good to learn to manage my time. (Cough need to rid myself of this pinterest addiction cough)

5. Speaking of addictions, I am addicted to Psych, frozen hot chocolate, Mexican food, high heels, warm weather, laughing, hiking, water, Dick's Mint Brownies, getting letters in the mail, car singing, Fall (such a fun season), smiling, ankle socks, sunsets, Keva Juice, the ocean, basketball (March Madness is another wonderful season of the year), my speech and hearing anatomy and physiology book (maybe that's a forced addiction, maybe not....), and probably a million other things. Life is GOOD!

6. Two things I like about myself: my hair and my eye color. I generally like myself. But I wish I was taller than my little sister. I guess 5'7" is an okay height though.

7. I love writing. I think it's fun to just sit down and write whatever (or if it's for school, there is some prompt or purpose). I've never thought of myself as a good journal-er, but as I've been cleaning out things in my room and finding old things, I've found that a lot of what I write is journal material. Whether it's a paper for school or a poem or a note or actual journal worthy material or this blog, I do a pretty good job of keeping track of my life and the things I'm feeling and experiencing. With that said, I hope you will respect that this blog is my journal. I'm not the most fashionable girl on the block nor do I take breathtaking pictures, but the things I write and talk about are me. The weird, the good, the bad, the sad, the funny, and the in-between. I know things may seem very personal at times and like I'm on a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences, but that's what life is, right? And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thanks for reading and commenting!!

4. Allie
5. Holly
6. Jessi
7. Angela

*Ashley broke the rules & did 5. I'm right with you on rule breaking, so I nominated 7. It was hard to narrow down, but I would love to read 7 facts about anyone who reads this blog! :)


  1. So fun to get to know you better! And thanks for including me! I actually already did my "7 Things" post a little while ago, but I did just do an "A to Z of Me" post today! :)

    ~ Angela

  2. Oh, Catherine! You are too sweet!! Thanks for saying all those nice things about me. This post made me smile. :) Ah, Ms. Jones' class! That was forever ago! But so fun. And AP Bio... I'm pretty sure I got nothing out of that class. Also, honestly, I can not for the life of me remember what the cranberry sauce thing was about either. I remember it being really funny though! Haha. It'll just have to be one of those things that we keep saying even though we don't know why. You are super sweet and great! Love ya!

  3. Writing is a great way to pass the time. Expressing yourself also gives others a way of passing their time. Sharing thoughts and feelings by putting them in written form makes them real. Not only for you, but for those who see you, appreciate you and want to know your heart. I care about you. I think you shine!


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