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For Your Information: Third time's the charm when it comes to Pinterest recipes.

Over the break last week, I cooked a lot. It was fun to make dinner and eat delicious food. Not that we don't always have delicious meals...I was just happy that I could contribute more to the preparation and planning of meals during the past week. One afternoon, I tried a chocolate devil's food cake + pumpkin cookie recipe. I'll save you from reading that humiliating story, because {this one} was quite enough. But then I tried a pumpkin bread recipe and it turned out great! I made it last Saturday afternoon and by Sunday night, two loaves were gone (one of them was taken to Holly's dinner party). Hope made another loaf of it on Monday before I got home for school and it has been delish.

So this is just another time in my life where I can testify that all of that "If at first you don't suceed, ..." yada yada yada really is true, folks.


  1. hahaa yum.
    glad to hear it was finally a success!
    definitely worth the time

  2. ha, yay for your success. i definitely agree, third time is a charm. i feel like when it comes to cooking that will never be the case for me though, ha
    xo TJ


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