Despite my dreams about the brain every night this week (no, not the character on Arthur) and my minor meltdown post earlier this week (thanks for your sweet comments), I survived pretty much everything and so happy it's the weekend! I proved to myself that I can do anything and though the feelings I had are ever present, I can banish them with optimism and knowing that I am simply doing my best.

Things I'm grateful for this week:

My family. Always. They make me laugh and cheer me on and make me lunches and give me advice and watch Psych when I'm done with my test and help me and fill up my car with gas and a million other things. THEY ARE THE BEST!

The weather was perfect this week. Mid 70s during the day and crisp fall nights with beautiful sunsets!

Going on walks with Wilson. What a crazy dog. But I love him.

Funny things like this on Pinterest...

The power coming back on yesterday! There was a power outage in the building where all of my classes are
(aka The Tower of Terror or Azkaban...see the picture below...)
and it happened right before my Speech and Hearing Anatomy test. We all shuffled into the classroom, laughing about the situation, and luckily it was one that had two windows (most of the classrooms don't have windows in that building). Our professor took the stairs from the 13th floor where his office is (we were hoping he was stuck in one of the elevators) and he was about to pass out the test.  All of the sudden, this man runs into the classroom huffing and puffing and says, "Are you Dr. Roy!?" and then he proceeds to tell Dr. Roy that some people that were stuck in the elevator opened up the doors just a bit and shoved out this paper with all of their names on it and screamed, "Tell Dr. Roy we're stuck!!" Ten minutes later, the power came on and the rest of the students came into class. It was pretty eventful and hilarious.

After being gone yesterday from about 6 AM til 7:30 PM at work and school, I got some Chipotle for dinner to celebrate. And the home teacher came by and talked about General Conference. And then I watched Psych with Thomas. And fell asleep. It was a good way to end a lonnnngggg day.

General Relief Society Meeting is tomorrow!! (Yes, I did call Dick's and ordered pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and brownies and glazed donuts to feed the girls in my stake who are attending...256 to be exact. I will probably have enough refreshments to feed half of the guys in my stake after Priesthood Session next week too...well...maybe not.)

And that also means, General Conference is next weekend!! YES!!!!!

My body. I say that a lot, but specifically my brain. After studying all week for the test mentioned above, I was so amazed by our neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. Everything is so perfectly designed.

Oh yeah, and I can't forget these two hooligans:

Holly, Me, and Jessi at Kaylee & Clark's Wedding Reception

They are just the best. They always know exactly what to say and how to make me laugh. We have great times together and I'm so glad they have been put in my life.{Post by Holl right here...you are too nice, girl.}

What are you grateful for this week?
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. Making "I'm Grateful For..." lists always make me feel tons better. Glad you got through the week and YAY for the weekend!!

    ~ Angela


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