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Speaking of the People Magazine about Kate Middleton's Style I bought last Friday, I am all too obsessed with British things. Anything from the UK, I dig it. Music, movies, literature, Harry Potter (yes, I'm putting it in an entirely different category than the previous three), the Royal Family, men with accents, etc. I often wish I had a British accent and I often wish that I could go to beautiful places like this in England. One day, I'll travel all over England. It seems like such a magical place. (See the picture below. Micheldever Wood, Hampshire, England. Sigh. )

Speaking of British Accents, I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches..."A lot a lot a lot." (Name that movie. You'll figure it out if you use an accent.)

Speaking of food, I put cayenne pepper on a lot of things. All soups, a lot of meat dishes, all Mexican food. Okay, so that doesn't seem like a lot of things. But my mom says it's a lot.

Speaking of my mom, she told me there are three things she doesn't understand about me:

1. One of my celebrity crushes is Robert Downey, Jr.
2. After 10 p.m., I will not use the ice machine lever on the outside of the fridge, but I will wash my hands, open the freezer, and fish out ice cubes from the ice machine for my water. I don't see anything wrong with this. Why? I don't want to make any noise to wake up my family! I'm being considerate!
3. Apparently I use the terms "P.S." and "Also" too much in my speech. "Also, did you know...?" "Also, you are really cute." "P.S. I love your jacket." "P.S. Remind me to tell you..." Well, maybe if I use them enough, I will integrate these phrases into the English language so they will be accepted and normal in conversation like the phrases "I googled it" or "Let's FB-stalk them" or  "Fax me"....bad examples.

Speaking of not being understood, I was telling my mom and dad a story last night and they said to me when I finished (of course, I was laughing my head off by the end of the story), "Catherine, are you a six-year old?" Yes, thanks. At least I'm staying young at heart, right?

Speaking of laughing, have you ever laughed in your sleep? I know I did the other night, I could hear myself laughing while I was still dreaming, but the laughing was outside of the dream. Does that make sense? ...No? Okay...moving on...

Speaking of dreaming, by about 4 pm, my brain shuts off in classes and I get super sleepy. Oops. This whole waking up super early thing has thrown my circadian rhythm for a loop.

Speaking of falling asleep in class (something I actually haven't done all that much), I love it when I'm in my classes and things we talk about in speech and hearing anatomy and physiology apply to everything else in my classes. I absolutely love my major. It is so fun to be making these connections and seeing real-world applications to the things I'm learning in classes. Not that I haven't been able to do that before, but I'm just excited that it is now something I'm really passionate about.

Speaking of things I'm really passionate about, my brother is my hero. He volunteered to wash my car last night. Um, yeah. How many twelve year olds ask you, "Can I please wash your car, Catherine?" ? Not many. My little buddy is not so little anymore and that makes me sad, but he is turning out to be such a wonderful young man. I tell ya, he is definitely a diamond in the rough. I have the best family. Hands down. I just don't know what I'd do without them. They keep me sane and I'm sure I drive them insane with my little quirks, but thanks for accepting me and loving me and doing kind things for me anyway.

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  1. What a fun post! I, too, love England and am totally infatuated with Catherine; she's beautiful and so elegant! Is that quote from the modern "Parent Trap" movie with Lindsay Lohan?

    P.S. I've totally laughed in my sleep before. I remember waking up afterwards and thinking, "Hmmm...that was really, really weird."

    ~ Angela


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