"Soft Scottish Sounds"...Or Not...

Knock, knock...
"Catherine, you can't hear my music through my headphones, right?"
"Nope, you're fine. I can't hear a thing through these walls."
"Okay, I was worried it was too loud."
"No, it's fine!"

Five minutes later,
{insert small talk here}
"Well, I'm going to go listen to this CD my daughter gave me. It's called 'Soft Scottish Sounds.' "
"Oh that was nice of her! Have a good rest of the day!"

{Two seconds later, I hear the loudest and most awful sound. Blaring bag pipes and flutes in sync with each other. If I had to guess, there are a billion of them playing all at once. I almost fell out of my chair between the initial bewilderment and then trying to hold back laughter.}

I can hear your music loud and clear!!

{45 more minutes ...Can I do this?}


  1. I have a love hate relationship with bag pipes. Sometimes I love them, but it depends on the melody. And I definitely have to be in the mood. Guess I'm not staying true to my Scottish heritage! Good luck getting through!

    ~ Angela

  2. Oh dear! I hate those awkward moments...


Thanks for making my day!

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