"I gave my heart away a long time ago, my whole heart... and I never really got it back." -Sweet Home Alabama

I was cleaning my room yesterday when I stumbled on a few sheets of paper that I wrote things about the last few weeks of school on. I didn't even know I had them, but they were quite the blast from the past and it was interesting to see what little details mattered to me in those last few weeks of my high school days. These two stood out to me, even though they are so silly.
May 21, 2009

I was supposed to go to lunch with you today, but for some reason you left without me. I didn't understand. Had you forgotten? Did you not want to go with me? For some reason, that really hurt my feelings. After lunch, we were in class together and you seemed...different. You wouldn't really look at me when we talked. I came home and bawled my eyes out. Why? Because it was the first disappointment I had experienced with you. I could've been disappointed with you many times before, but I wasn't because nothing was different. Today, something had changed. Now that I write it down, it seems silly. Things work out how they will. But I was truly upset and I also had my senior pictures tonight...lovely, right? And I thought of you the whole time and today and what happened. It was hard for me to smile and not burst into tears again. So I hope they turn out okay. After we finished, my mom and I had dinner at Crown Burger and I was still upset about it all. I know things work out how they are supposed to, but I don't want you to slip away. I shouldn't let little things bother me like this, but I don't know why you just left me.

June 3, 2009

Today was Senior Sluff Day. Thank goodness, because my friends and I went to the Redwood Drive-In til 3 last night after we had Seminary Graduation. Seminary Graduation was incredible. I felt the Spirit so strong and I loved hearing people share their testimonies and experiences from Seminary. Grandma and Grandpa came and they gave me a pretty card with the Bountiful Temple on it and then a Willow Tree Statue. It was really rainy and cold, but a ton of my friends were going to the Drive-In, so I joined them and we saw Night at the Museum 2 and Wolverine...but I slept for most of Wolverine...of course. It was really fun and we laughed a lot! On our way home, JaNae almost hit a deer on the frontage road after we dropped Allie off. We all screamed so loud...then I was wide awake and I didn't get to sleep until 5. We had Graduation Orientation this afternoon and then I sat at the school and signed yearbooks for a couple hours. It was a weird experience. Some of these people are people I will always want to stay in contact with and some of these people I will never see again. It's just a strange thought to me. I went to the Temple with my ward tonight and it was my last mutual activity. I'll be moving onto Relief Society on Sunday, how strange! Tomorrow I'm graduating from high school. Even stranger. And even though I'm so excited about graduation, I know someone who isn't too happy about me graduating. I talked to him for a little bit at the stomp tonight and it made me sad that he wasn't happy about me moving on. Shouldn't he be happy for me? I'm not really moving on, I'm just at a different place in life than he is. I don't know if I'll ever move on from him.  I have a lot of great things ahead of me, but he'll be hard to beat. It's a little scary to think of what's ahead, but I know there will be lots of good things to come.

Just a bunch of best friends at their last high school stomp and little did they know of the many great things ahead of them. 


  1. funny how life goes :)

  2. haha is that katie steed on the left hand side of the photo?

  3. nope, there's an allie and a janae on the left hand side of the photo haha. i don't know a katie steed, sorry! :(


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