“We find thus by experience that there is no good applying to Heaven for earthly comfort.  Heaven can give heavenly comfort; no other kind.  And earth cannot give earthly comfort either.  There is no earthly comfort in the long run.”
C. S. Lewis, The Four Loves, 190

 “I believe that man was ‘overbuilt’ for this world.  Have you ever seen a man who was totally satisfied with what he has here?  There seems to be yearning, a longing, a reaching up for something not had here.”
                                                        Elder Devere Harris,  General Conference,  October 1984

 “Our yearnings for happiness were implanted in our hearts by Deity.  They represent a kind of homesickness, for we have a residual memory of our premortal existence.  They are also a foretaste of the fullness of joy that is promised to the faithful.
- Elder Jack H. Goaslind,  General Conference,  April 1986

“When we arrive home, we shall be weary and bruised.  But at last our aching homesickness will cease.  Meanwhile, our mortal homecomings are but faint foreshadowings of that Homecoming.” -Elder Neal A. Maxwell,  General Conference,  April 1986


  1. I especially love this post, Catherine. I really do. One day when I was in Ecuador, I was so ridiculously homesick and I was sobbing to my friend. We started singing "Oh My Father" and we cried even more. And now I'll think of these quotes as well. Thanks, Catherine!

  2. This post is so great! Love all these quotes!!

    ~ Angela

  3. Oh, I especially love that last quote! Loved reading these!

  4. Just googled the bits of that Maxwell quote and found it here. Glad to read these other great ones!


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