Flooded with happy thoughts.

I'm feeling happier today.

I woke up an hour early, but I somehow thought it was 6:18 and I panicked. I hurried to shower and get ready for work....only to find out I was all ready by 6 am. I made myself a lunch and took my time eating a breakfast of toast, peaches, and a chocolate protein shake.  

My favorite part of every morning is saying my prayers* as I drive to school or work. (People probably think I'm some lunatic talking to myself, but I know I'm not talking to myself.) Isn't it amazing that we get to communicate with our Heavenly Father and we know that He hears and answers our prayers?* I thanked Him for blessing me with a 98% on my Speech and Hearing Anatomy and Physiology test I took last week, I thanked Him for helping me get through another busy week that seemed like it wouldn't end, I thanked Him for the beautiful golden sunrise I was witnessing, I thanked Him for loving parents that give me wise counsel, I thanked Him for siblings that make me laugh, and I asked Him for help with some of the hard feelings I have had as of late. I talked to Him about many things and then I drove in silence for a little while.

I exited I-15 at Beck Street and I decided to turn on my iPod. It was on shuffle, so I ended up with "Baby" , "The Boys Are Back in Town" , "Black and White x 5" , and "Two Weeks". It was a surprisingly good combo...even though it sounds really weird. 

The sunrise was getting more beautiful as I just felt so at peace and happy.

Since I got into work an hour earlier, I get to leave earlier this afternoon. And that's always a bonus. Maybe I'll start doing this every week. I parked and I walked into the building, then to my desk. I was flooded with little happy thoughts. They just kept coming to me as I was walking into work. Just little things that make me happy and grateful.

I'm just so thankful for moments like those.

And days like today where everything seems sunny and happy.

It's always good to know that you are being watched over by a Heavenly Father that loves and cares about you.

Happy Conference Weekend!
So happy it's finally here!

{ps: thank you for your sweet comments! 
you guys sure know how to make me smile and remind me of good things in life.}


  1. I'm glad you are happy. I love how Fridays feel this way. Also, I think that Buble should come back soon and we should go together.

  2. this really lifted my spirits today!
    thank you



Thanks for making my day!

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