Feeling down...

Despite the beautiful fall day, Olive Garden for lunch, 100% on my phonetics test, and wearing what I thought was a cute outfit to school...

I feel SO absolutely down.

Just so consumed with confusion, heartache, and sleep deprivation.

For the past few weeks, I've tried to be as optimistic as possible and I have had some great things happen in the past few weeks. I'm not usually a "Debbie Downer"...but today was the breaking point. I feel like I've been deserted by quite a few of my friends and I'm not really sure why. I'm like a thin sheet of ice ready to break if one more person skates over me. My heart just aches and my eyes well up with tears frequently. I am trying my absolute best to do all that I can in my relationships, my calling, my school work, and job, yet NOTHING seems to be paying off. I mean, things are paying off. But it seems like it is in super miniscule ways. I can't do everything is what I'm figuring out. I can try my best in everything but I can't do it all perfectly.

And I am grateful for those little things that happen. The tender mercies. I really am grateful. 
But I guess I just need to remember this....over and over and over again...

Tomorrow is a new day, right?


  1. I love that quote! I understand going through hard times; make sure you allow yourself to feel sad at least for a little bit; it's important to feel what you're feeling, ya know? You seem like such a sweetheart and I'm sure those "deserters" will regret their actions sooner or later. Tomorrow is definitely a new day! :)

    ~ Angela

  2. feel better. everyone has those crappy times, but you know what they say..when you're in hell keep on going, or whatever :)
    point is, we're all sending good juju and hope you feel better ASAP!!

  3. Beautiful quote. I hate feeling like this but know it'll be better soon! :D


Thanks for making my day!

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