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During the first week of school (aka last week...but it seems like forever ago!), I had a meltdown. The first meltdown of the semester is always a very embarrassing thing for me. Because, I always come into a new semester thinking I can handle everything and then...I crumble and I feel like a huge failure for crumbling. I was upset and frustrated about a lot of things and I let my feelings get the better of me as I drove my family to pick up my dad from work. It was embarrassing and I look back on it now and feel ashamed of how I acted. But later that night, my family came home and everything was fine. It was like the meltdown had never happened and that's the point of the post. At the end of the day, the little trivial and silly things of the day don't matter. Yes, I think it is good and healthy to have meltdowns every once in a while. They're not fun, but they can allow for you to improve and see what you can work on. They can help you sort out your feelings and they can help you get advice from others. No matter how many mistakes I make and no matter how many things go wrong, I have to choose not to focus on those things. At the end of the day, I always know what matters most--my faith, my family, my friends, and the things I'm doing to improve myself each day (school, work, personal goals, etc.). Those are the few simple things that hold me together.

Good Reads From This Week:
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This blog is full of excellent quotes.

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  1. So true! It's easy to get caught up in the bad things but so much better to focus on the good :D


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