Ain't That The Truth.

I am in love... 

with my institute class. 
(Ha, gotcha!)

The Gospel and the Productive Life

Twice a week, I get fifty minutes full of tips and insights as well as reminders that the Gospel is the most important thing in all aspects of your life and provides happiness to all that follow its basic principles. 

Today, we talked about goal setting and time management. It was fabulous and good and great. During class, I decided I need to delegate more and avoid distractions so I can better utilitze my time. We also read this awesome quote:

"As a being of power, intelligence, and the master of his own thoughts, a man holds the key to every situation, to make his life what he chooses it to be. When he discovers the divine power within his soul, he can lead his life to a more God-like nature. If one dreams lofty dreams, so shall he become. There is magic in the way one thinks. If we expect the worst, we will get the worst. If we expect the best, we will receive the best. If we train our minds to have faith in God and ourselves, we are using one of the great laws of life. If we think and live righteously, happiness will find its place in our lives. It is amazing when we expect the best how forces are set in motion which cause the best to materialize." 
-Howard W. Hunter.

But I still came home and shared all of my current frustrations with church, school, and work with my mom. She's great, btw. My mom is an awesome awesome amazing person to put up with me. I felt totally overwhelmed (as part of the weekly rollercoaster), but then I finally talked out advice for myself using what I learned in class today. This is the advice I gave myself as I talked about with my mom (sometimes I have one-sided conversations where I vent, then I talk it out and my mom just listens and says things in between my gab fest). One guy in my class asked the question, "Is it realistic to set goals that are dependent on the Lord's timing and the agency of others? (insert story of missionary work here and then insert a story of how he wants to get married within the next two years, but doesn't know if it will happen because it's dependent on finding that special someone)" And he brought up a very valid point. Sometimes we do set goals and expectations for ourselves that are dependent on the Lord's timing or the agency of others. So my teacher's answer was that the only thing we can do with those goals and expectations is do our part and do our best. We can't control everything, but we can control what we are personally doing and how we respond to the people around us. Reaching a goal is great, but the process of reaching a goal is even greater. The process helps us become. Become what? A better version of ourselves. The process helps us to be better people and truly appreciate the success of reaching our goal. It may be hard, but the end result is worth it. It is worth the price we pay. So no matter how frustrating things can get and how overwhelmed we get, we have to keep the prize in sight and keep an eternal perspective. As long as we give our best in all we do, the Lord takes our lives and makes them into something greater than we could've imagined. 

Ain't that the truth. 

I've seen it in my life over and over again, but every so often, I need to remind myself that it's the process of getting to those long-term goals that will help me become a better person. 

PS: This is random, but...

I believe in iPod shuffle fate.
{"Linger" by the Cranberries just came on. Definite sign.}

I believe in fortune cookie fate.
{A happy life is right in front of you.}

Ain't that the truth. 

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