Two Years: Two Giveaways: Two WINNERS!!

Thank you to everyone for entering the Two Years: Two Giveaways! I really loved reading your comments and checking out your blogs! I'm grateful for your kind words and the friendships I have formed with you! You all are wonderful and I hope to have another giveaway sometime in the future
...I truly wish I could afford to give you all Sabrina and a beautiful necklace! 
(Blasted college expenses and car payments...but...what can you do...?)

So without further ado...

Congratulations to Hannah for winning the necklace from Ruche!

Congratulations to Steph for winning Sabrina!!

Please email me your addresses (and Hannah, let me know if you want gray or ivory)!! 

Hope you all have a wonderful night!! 

Thanks again for reading and entering!! 

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