Things I'm Enjoying This Week.

Utah Football starts on Thursday!!! It's our opening game and our FIRST game in the Pac-12! I picked up my MUSS tickets yesterday and I will be cheering for the Utah Utes on Row 12 this year! Uhhh, WHAT? I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my tickets...so happy! It's not like I'm super close...but it's a lot better than Row 50 and Row 54 in the previous years. And now I'm probably close enough to be seen on the Jumbo-tron. Yep, that is when you know you are the real deal. I'll remember you all when I'm famous...

As you may remember, I'm not in the actual high rise for work. Our department moved to another building on North Temple in June. So, since we've moved to the new building, I'll admit, I haven't done much exploration and I don't really know where people or things are still. However, today I was feeling adventurous and I went into the break room to fill up my water bottle. I decided to see what the ice was like and so I pushed the ice button. Out comes my absolute favorite ice. The little ball shaped ice. Like the kind you can get at Dairy Queen in Centerville. You know what I'm talking about? It was one of the best discoveries of today and you better believe I will be going to that ice machine more often.

I haven't seen my Grandpa in at least a few weeks...it seems like it anyway...and it was fun for me to see him at work. Ya see, my grandma and grandpa think they can just leave us and go on an Alaskan cruise without us? I know...how rude. ;) It was fun to hear all about it though and it was fun to have my grandpa come into my cubicle a couple times and talk to me today.

In the past year and couple months of my job, I have come to memorize a lot of zip codes, but I'd have to say Logan's is my favorite. It's so fun! 84321. 84321. How fun is that!? ....Okay...moving on....

Hope and Thomas made homemade salsa on Saturday with tomatoes from my Grandma's garden. Mmmm....You know what I've been snacking on the past few days.

Speaking of food, I had THE best PB&J sandwich ever today for lunch. Mmmm. Thanks, Dad.

The Proposal has been on TV lately and I watched the alternate ending for it last night and let's just say, I'm glad it ended the way that it did and that they didn't use the other ending. Don't bother watching it.

I'm glad to know people who use the word "groovy". Those kinds of people are the ones worth spending your time with, folks.

I think I'm turning into an adult. Because I've started to enjoy wearing dress pants/business casual type outfits more and more as opposed to wearing just jeans and a shirt. Gasp.

I absolutely love my YSA (young single adult) ward. The lessons and Sacrament meetings are phenomenal and it has been a blast to go to activities and get to know the incredible people in my ward, especially the girls. But when it comes to YSA (young single adultness), this post {What happened to dating?} by Steph definitely struck a chord.

I'm super glad to be taking Anatomy of Speech and Hearing this semester. I love anatomy classes and I am so grateful for the miracle of the human body. It is seriously amazing to see how the body is perfectly planned and how incredible the mechanisms and functions of the body are. Everything may not come together perfectly always, but humans also have the ability to learn, adapt, and compensate...and that is absolutely astounding.

I have two classes cancelled this week! One tomorrow morning and one of my Thursday afternoon classes! That instantly made this week great! I will now have some time to go to the Temple tomorrow morning and more time to work on my lesson for Sunday!

Lastly, I'm glad I have this blog to be my "journal" of all of these little happy moments. I know one day I'll look back and probably be a little embarrassed about what I wrote, but I know more than anything I'll be glad that I wrote about a wide variety of things in this season of my life. I'll admit, sometimes I get WAY too excited over the littlest things. Sometimes I will go back and I reread the things I write on this blog. I know I don't always make sense and I sound really corny sometimes (I can hear you all reading this and in unison saying, "ALL THE TIME") . But what would life be without everyone's corny moments? It would be a whole lot of blah. And I'm sure glad life's not that way. Enjoy life, because it's not a rehearsal!!

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  1. Bring on the corn! If you can't handle corny...go home :P It's the little things that make people interesting and life fun. The alternate ending of The Proposal does suck! Cancelled classes are the best! :D Enjoy it!


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