Sometimes in life,

Sometimes in life, you don't blog for a while. Because life is crazy. (Lame excuse, I know.)

Sometimes in life, you have to watch a lot of Psych and laugh yourself silly. (When do I NOT do this? Seriously, Psych gets me through life.)

Sometimes in life, you get stuck in Friday night traffic and get to talk to a dear friend (Jessi) for an hour and a half on the way to a wedding reception.

Sometimes in life, you have a "George Banks moment" at your friend's twin's (Clark's) wedding reception last Friday. (I would not wish this on ANYONE.)

Sometimes in life, you have a family member text you out of the blue when you secretly feel you're at the end of your rope and says, "Can I just tell you how amazing I think you are and always have been?! I love you!!"

Sometimes in life, you go to a friend's (Katelyn's) BEAUTIFUL wedding dinner and reception. You remember how important family is and what a great blessing it is that families can be together forever. You remember how beautiful love is and you get to rejoice in their happiness and the incredible eternal journey they are starting today.

Sometimes in life, you go to Target and Old Navy with your MFEO BFF between the dinner and reception to get jeans and a bag and then fill it with sample size toiletries you bought (the bag and toiletries was Holly...the jeans were me). And sometimes in life, you shouldn't be let out in public with your MFEO BFF.

Always in life, you find the greatest happiness in beautiful summer nights and good food and love and spending times with your friends and family. I know I do.

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