A New Car!!! {Read that in a "The Price Is Right" announcer voice}

On August 16th, I bought a new car!

1993 Blue-Green Toyota Corolla ---> 2009 White Toyota Camry

I sure do love both of them. 

I've had so many good times in the Corolla, 
driving around and singing my heart out with friends and family. 
But it was starting to get old and a little less reliable.
It will be nice to have something better to drive in the winter time.
It was a little bittersweet when I bought this car. 
I love the Corolla and I feel a little spoiled and not worthy to have such a nice car now, but...
I can't wait for more fun times in my new car and I'm so grateful I can have a car to drive!

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  1. so excited!! i love white cars... drive a white honda civic myself :)



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