It's like I never left.

Today when I was driving to school, it felt like any other day. Like any other Monday. Did it feel like I had  almost four months of summer? No, just like I was returning after the weekend.

I love school. I love the University of Utah. I love my major. I love driving past the football stadium. I love walking into the institute and feeling a huge wave of the Spirit. I love walking around campus and seeing lots of people I know. People who have influenced my life for the better, people who I've laughed with, and people I've studied with and had classes with. I thought about when I was a freshman as I saw the freshmen walking around like deer in the headlights. Did I seem that way when I was a freshman? Could someone have picked me out from a crowd and said I was a freshman? Who knows, but I feel too young to be in my third year in college. I am loving my classes so far and I'm excited for my classes tomorrow. My schedule with work, school, and my calling is going to be a little hectic, but I know I am up for the challenge. As long as I do the "little things" (prayer, scripture study, institute, service, etc.) each day, I will be able to meet any obstacle that comes my way.


Thanks for making my day!

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