I Love Sundays.

I love Sundays, but I don't love the fact that it's August and school starts in three weeks.

Yesterday was lovely.

I had NO morning meetings. I wore a really cute outfit and my glasses...I looked quite hip if I do say so myself. Bishop Cottle taught a wonderful lesson about "The Miracle of Forgiveness" and repentance. Then, I talked with Bishop during Sunday School and we had a really good chat. I am so thankful I get to serve with him and learn from him. He's a great man. Sacrament meeting was phenom as usual. I'm going on another fun date this week with the same guy and I'm quite excited about that. Then I came home to an amazing dinner with the family on my deck. I think I've said it before, but we have HILARIOUS dinner conversations. Thomas is probably the funniest person I know. One of our conversation topics was about this line that Thomas randomly said in his best British accent....

"Mummy have you seen my jumper?"
"Yes, dear, it was on the Cat."

Yes, that is from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Does anyone understand that part? I never have and I was dying of laughter, because we were trying to understand why Ginny's jumper was on the cat. Maybe it's only funny to me, because that's how it usually goes.

After cleaning up dinner, I sat on the porch and fell asleep for a little bit. It was gorgeous last night. Summer rain is amazing and it smells so good. Then I woke up and my family all came outside to see the double rainbow...all the way! We took pictures of ourselves and laughed harder.
Hope and I also discovered that my shoulders are really ticklish last night. Oops. That wasn't fun, but she thought it was. Isn't that weird though?
Sundays are the best day of the week, in my opinion.
The thought of Sundays gets me through my Mondays in life.
Have a wonderful day!

Also...here are some words I think are so fun: Tegucigalpa, Laryngopharynx, Sphygmomanometer, Papas Fritas, Serendipity, Unusually. The list could keep going. They're just so fun to say! What are some of your favorite words?

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  1. your sunday sounds absolutely wonderful. family dinners are the best--definitely wish i had more of those. and a cute sunday outfit really does make everything better :)


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