Is it possible have chills and your hair stand on end while listening to Justin Bieber? It may sound extreme, but it truly happened yesterday while I was driving home from school. It could be the awesome sound system in my new car (more on that later!) OR it could just be that the lyrics to "One Less Lonely Girl" really spoke to me. {Okay, go ahead and judge me now}

It's NOT extreme for me to say that my professor for Hearing Science sounds like and looks like Bill Pullman, except he has brown hair. He truly does look and sound like him. I keep thinking I'm going to look up from furiously taking notes one day and I'll see him dancing with Meg Ryan at the front of the room singing, "Dimsum, dimsum..."And that explains why I call him Walter and not Dr. Hunter.

My lower extremities are numb constantly from sitting and odd bruises keep appearing on my legs. I don't know what's going on. An extreme head cold is starting to creep up on me, too. Hmph.

I am extremely happy with my classes this semester. They are going to be tough, but I am so excited that I have found something I love. I feel really good vibes about everything in my life right now.

Yesterday in my institute class (The Gospel and the Productive Life), we talked about The Plan of Salvation. Sometimes life can be so difficult, but it is so comforting to me to know that Heavenly Father knows me and cares about me. He has provided us with a way to return to Him and it is through obedience to His commandments that we can receive ultimate joy in this life and life after death. Something that really struck me was when we watched a video clip and someone in the clip said, "Life isn't fair." At this point, my teacher paused the movie and talked about how life isn't always fair. We may have to go through challenges and trials that we will never know the reasons why they happened to us or why we needed to experience those difficulties. But the wonderful thing is that the plan IS fair. In my teacher's words, we will receive "compensatory blessings" in the next life as long as we remain faithful. These compensentory blessings will make up for the things we had to endure and go through with total faith and trust. And that is extremely comforting to me and I know that principle is true.

PS: I will be extremely sad if no one enters the giveaway! The deadline is this Sunday evening, so get entering and tell your friends to enter!! :)


  1. Love this. And I love the Biebs. I used to scoff at everybody who liked him but then I saw his movie and it changed everything. I thought he was just another hyped up kid who couldn't really sing but he CAN! And I love his stuff. And love you! :)

  2. hearing science seems like such a cool major!


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