You make my dreams come true...oooo ooooo

-Lunch with my girls on Friday and laughing about crazy things. Love you, Allie, Kacee, and JaNae!!
-Serving Breakfast at the Centerville Fourth of July Festivities yesterday. Aside from wearing a hair net (I looked absolutely ravishing...I'm sure...HA), it was so fun to talk to people, see people I knew (HOLLY!), and be surrounded by nice people in fun and patriotic outfits. When we finished, I watched the parade and it was one of the best I've seen in years. Maybe it had to do with the people I watched it with...So much fun!! :)
-My country. So blessed to live where I live and be able to enjoy the freedoms we have! I am so thankful for the people who fight for our freedoms and those who have done so much for our country.
-Frozen Orange Juice Cartons...mmmm :)
-"You Make My Dreams" by Hall and Oates is probably one of my all time favorite songs. It always makes me happy. Don't you think it's such a happy song?
-Seeing "Larry Crowne" yesterday. It wasn't my favorite movie, but it was fun to see it and get my mind of things. Tom Hanks is endearing.
-Hope came home from Trek and I was so happy to see her. She was the most gorgeous pioneer girl I've ever seen. Love my sister!
-The way I've been curling my hair in very loose waves lately. Don't think I'm vain...but I think my best features are my thick, brown hair and my green eyes.
-Little smiles and side hugs and kind, heartfelt words that accompany kind, heartfelt actions.
-The people who are angels and blessings in MY life. I hope I can try to always be the same to them.
-A huge capacity to love those in my life right now...I never thought I could love this much and so many people at the same time.
-The sweet peaceful feeling of the Spirit and the tears that usually accompany that.
-My faith. I was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints twelve years ago exactly today. When I was eight, I didn't realize what a blessing being a member of this church would be in my life. It is everything to me and it has made me who I am.

Not Cool
-Being displaced for the SECOND weekend due to our floors being re-sanded and re-stained AGAIN...aka what-should-have-been-easy-and-done-right-in-the-first-place.
-Blind dates, especially when you are eating with homeless people at Village Inn. This one wasn't too bad... comparatively...but still...I would've rather done the alternative.
-103 degree weather + black car handles = burnt hands. They're still red.
-Crying. Even though it's therapeutic and good and all, it does not give you the most flattering look in the world.

I'm surrounded by the most incredible people and I am just humbled that I have the chance to learn from them, serve them, and love them. I have the best family, best friends, and best YSA ward anyone could ever have. Thank you for your examples to me!!

Life is truly wonderful right now. 

Hope you're having a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!!!

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  1. ...you forgot the part where you got to see me for the first time in over a month!! haha. ;)... love this. holland and oaks.


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