Same old Saturday night....or....


Last night was so much fun!! I got all gussied up and I drove down to see Holly and go with her to her friend's open house. He just came home from his mission and even though I didn't know anyone, it was fun to go and just be with Holly, make new friends, and have funny conversations. I was even dubbed an honorary Skyline Eagle and an honorary Xi member for the night.

Afterward, we filled up my car with gas (thank you for the Smith's discount, Holl) and got some Wendy's. Then we just sat and talked in her backyard gazebo. It was good to get out of my house and do something different than get everything ready for Relief Society the next day. As I've said before, Holly is my MFEO BFF. I love that we can just talk to each other about anything and there's no judgment. Just love and concern for one another. She's amazing. Everyone should have an MFEO BFF like Holly. True story.

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