Recipe for a Great Day.

Did I mention that my family from DC stopped by this past week?

We were completely surprised last Sunday night when we got a phone call that they were at my grandparents house! They were here from Sunday until yesterday (Saturday) morning. It was hard on somedays because since there was such short notice, I wasn't able to get work off for the whole week to spend time with them. However, my boss (who is incredible...really...I couldn't ask for a better boss!) let me take Thursday and Friday off. (I had Monday off too, because of Pioneer Day. Thank you, Utah!)...So I guess I shouldn't complain.

Throughout the time they were here, we were able to go to Cafe Rio, see Captain America, watch fireworks, go up Mueller Park Canyon in Bountiful for dinner and s'mores and talking, a sleepover including watching Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! and playing Just Dance 2, a Keva Juice and Great Harvest Bread run, shopping at the Gateway, seeing Cowboys and Aliens, and dinner at Spaghetti Factory. It's always so hard to say goodbye, especially when my mom and Aunt Karyn start crying. That's when the waaaambulance shows up. Hopefully we can see them soon. Cute little Ashley wants us to come out for Christmas...and I think that's a fabulous idea :)

If you want the recipe for a great day, all you need is family! Spending time with family cures any heartache and sadness, cheers me up instantly, and makes me laugh til I cry. Even though we don't see my aunt, uncle and cousins as much as we'd like, it's always so fun to spend time with them. So glad I get to be with my family forever and ever!

[Pictures will hopefully be posted later in the week. They have all of the pictures of our crazy fun week.]


  1. Family are the best! Any day with them is 100 times better instantly :D

  2. Sounds like a fun filled day:) It was fun to see you at the Gateway!!! Did you buy that cute lace shirt?


Thanks for making my day!

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