Making people smile is never a bad thing.

I probably made a lot of people laugh today at my expense. Sometimes, I'm so clumsy and weird. But that's okay. Making people smile is never a bad thing.

I tripped down one flight of the stairwell when I was leaving work today. This is the second time this has happened...and probably not the last.

I decided on my way home that I would stop and get something to eat. Of course, Chipotle. So I park and walk in and I ran into the door at Chipotle. Yes,  just completely walked right into the glass door. And yes, folks, I had my glasses on when this happened. 

Then this is me probably being a bad citizen ("YES I AM A CITIZEN!!"...name the movie), but I was driving through a neighborhood after getting my Chipotle and my gum had lost it's flavor...so naturally I decide to spit it out into the road. I roll down the window and as I'm trying to spit it out, I make a huge raspberry sound and it's not coming out and a bunch of kids are sitting there watching me look like a complete idiot trying to drive and spit out my gum. Doi. Lesson learned. Just put it in a wrapper and keep the roads gum-free.

As I was driving home, I had a really quiet song playing and the windows were down. So then, I keep driving and all of the sudden...the car gremlins must have turned up the volume and "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" starts blasting as I pull up to a red light. All the people with their windows down around me were thinking I was a psycho as I fumbled to turn it down and change the song...even though I secretly love it and laugh hysterically about that song.

On a better note...

Tonight, I had a fun date. We played frisbee golf in the park and roasted mini marshmallows over candlelight to make mini s'mores with Teddy Grahams and just talked for a couple hours. It just felt real and genuine. It was super fun and I smiled a lot. I was pretty impressed, even when he would nervously laugh. He was just a good friend, simply cute and exceptional. 

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Sweet dreams :)


  1. Ha ha to all the funny things!! :D Sounds like me sometimes. Glad you had a good date. Nice when that happens huh?!

  2. umm... who is this man? i feel like i don't know you anymore. lets chat soon!

  3. Do you have an e-mail address I can contact you on? I tried to find one but couldn't. I have a proposal for you.


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