Things that have been making me happy lately...

-Melba Toast. I could eat those things all day.
-This song: "You Take My Troubles Away" -Rachel Yamagata and Dan Wilson. SO GOOD.
-Summer thunderstorms
-My 5" gladiator camel colored sandals. Love them.
-The fresh smell in the air in the mornings
-Harry Potter 7, Part 2. So excited to go to the midnight showing!!
-Accomplishing a lot of good. I still feel really behind on a lot and I am...kinda. But I can only do my best and not spread myself too thin. Something I constantly have to remember: "Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved." -Thomas S. Monson
-Listening to a lengthy saved message on my voicemail and grinning stupidly and laughing out loud every time I listen to it. It has to be about two weeks old, but I just can't delete it.
-The big sunflowers Hope is growing on the side of our house
-This watermelon flavored gum I bought. It smells so good, so summery.
-This talk by Elder Neal A Maxwell. Read it. So powerful.
-A new dishwasher! And my house is semi put back together!

What has been making you happy lately?

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