working girl: one year plus a day.

today, i want to express my gratitude for my employment.
yesterday was the one year anniversary of the first day of work!
my very first real job, in fact.

at the time, i was looking for jobs more geared towards the medical field like being a CNA at a care center or hospital. my mom was looking online at the LDS jobs website and just happened to see this part time position. she told me to apply for it online. so i did and the next morning, i received a call. i didn't know a lot about the job, but i had an interview and i was excited.

when i interviewed for the job, i had just come from an eye appointment. my eyes were dilated and i couldn't see very well, but i was dressed up in a cute skirt and blouse and my hair looked nice, so i thought i was all set for the interview. my vision started getting better through the interview with my now boss and i was feeling really good about things. however, when i got back to my car, i looked in the rearview mirror and i had dark YELLOW streaks coming down from my eyes...ya know, from the eyedrops they put in your eyes when they dilate them. i was so embarrassed and called my mom and cried a little. then, i just laughed it off. good thing my boss knew i had just been to the eye doctor.

for a week, i waited to hear back from them. i wrote a thank you email and made phone calls every other day to check up on the position and see if they had made a decision.

finally, they called me and told me i was the newest employee at the church office building. i was thrilled and grateful for the way things worked out.

i remember coming into HR and getting my picture taken, filling out a million papers, and then being met by my boss in the lobby to go up to where i would be working.

the people i've met have blessed my life and the skills i've learned are invaluable. i am one lucky girl to have a job with a compassionate, wonderful boss who has worked around my school schedule. the things i actually do and the hours i work have changed a lot from the first day i started working to now, but i still feel as grateful as i did a year ago when i started working. little did i know that first day i sat down in my cubicle how much this job would bless my life.

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  1. YAY!! :D Having a job is such a blessing huh!


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