I know you've missed this [Cool/Not Cool]

It's been a while and I know you've missed it...
so We're Baaaaack!
( A Dinosaur's Story.)

These things will be a mashup of things from the past couple weeks...and hopefully, I'll get back into the swing of doing it for every weekend.

-I'll be 20 on the 20th...my golden birthday! 
(Please read that out loud in a sing-songy voice) 
As you can tell, I'm just A LITTLE excited about this. What have YOU done on your "golden" birthday? Any good ideas for me?
-I did go for a pedicure with Kelsey on Thursday. I now have orange-ish/pink-ish toenails with black zebra-like stripes...really daring of me, but it's kind of fun for sandal season.
-I also had my haircut on Friday afternoon. I LOVE haircuts. But nothing too daring for me this time. Just a trim. I'm boring, huh? Oh well. I like my long hair. And I like talking to Shannon, my neighbor and one of my mom's best friends, for a half hour-ish while she does my hair.
-Ice cream. Literally. I believe there is nothing better than a Rocky Road milkshake :)
-My parents came over to listen to my talk in church yesterday, then my family waited for me to eat dinner! I leave at about 11 and don't get home until sometime around 5 on Sundays now. So now...my family usually eats without me. That's been hard for me, because I love Sunday dinner conversations and sitting around the table with my family to talk about church and everything going on. So it really meant a lot to me that they would wait for me to eat last night. What did we eat?
Ribs and salad and baked potatoes...Oh hello, Summer.
-The Mavs won the NBA Finals. YES!
-Chris Hemsworth. Aka THOR. I saw that movie twice last month and LOVED it. Much better than I thought it would be. I forgot how much I love Australian men...now I don't think I'll ever forget.
-Trail running in the mountains above my house. It is gorgeous and so green up there right now. For some reason, I run better on trails than pavement. Maybe I'll add a RAGNAR to my bucket list
-Julie B. Beck is the WOMAN. She spoke at the Fireside I went to with Allie and Bonnie last night and it was absolutely amazing!!

Not Cool
-The fact I haven't been blogging much this month...sigh. Oh well. 
-Dumpster diving for Hope's retainer at midnight a couple weeks ago. (Insert a loud EW!!! right here)
-Discovering Netflix. My siblings, being geniuses, set up the internet on the Wii. Then they added the free month trial of Netflix. What did I do Friday night? Watch cuatro (four) episodes of Psych, a movie, and Brian Regan on Netflix while I "worked" on Relief Society stuff. They probably couldn't have picked a worse time for me to have this new distraction. I guess I'll just have to be better at focusing.
-I was at our church building putting stuff together for Visiting Teaching on Friday and they had refinished the wood floors in the gym. The fumes were unbelievable. As I sat there alone, breathing in fumes and feeling my brain cells dying one by one, I hoped I wouldn't be found dead there on Sunday.

What has been cool/not cool in your life lately?

PS: Excuse my weirdness. 
Thanks. :)

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