hipsta gypsta.

lately, i've been saying "hipsta gypsta" randomly in conversations (mainly at home...of course). it's usually substituted in for the words weird, crazy, or cool. i don't know why... i just make up weird phrases and words to use. either i need to stop saying this one OR this needs to catch on. you can decide for yourself if these random thoughts in my head are just plain weird or just plain cool or mainly crazy.

i've learned time and time again that....just because one thing doesn't work out, doesn't mean something else won't come along. and usually that something else is so much better than what you originally wanted.

sometimes, people spell the word engagement as engagment. it could be a joke, but i'm sure it usually isn't. i think it should be a word everyone needs to learn how to spell correctly, don't you?

why do we learn cursive? most of us never use it, because our cursive is usually illegible. however, i do like that my handwriting has evolved to part print-part cursive.

i generally don't like gold jewelry at all. however, my grandma gave my mom a long, layered necklace of gold chains for mother's day and i LOVE it. yes, it's my mom's necklace. but her jewelry usually ends up being mine...so i'm planning great ways of using this necklace.

most people know that i don't drink pop at all. i just drink water and milk.
and lots of lemonade in the spring and summer.

i heard a story on the radio this morning about people who make you think they have an accent when they don't. i'm one of those people.

my brother and sister are finishing up school this week. thomas will be done with elementary school and i tear up just thinking about it. we've been looking at a lot of old pictures and i'm so grateful that i'm able to remember hope and thomas as babies and i've seen how they've grown up. hope always complains that she doesn't know what it's like to have a baby in the house, because she was two when thomas was born. i love my siblings so much and i don't know what i'd do without them.

from talking to my grandpa yesterday during lunch, i got a little sunburned. it's been so long since i've been out in the sun that i had forgotten the five minutes of burning skin, the next five minutes chills cycle that accompanies sunburns. needless to say, i was a little uncomfortable last night with my first sunburn of the season. but i'm so excited for summer.

can you believe it's june?! i certainly can't, but i'm so happy it's here!
i'll be 20 on the 20th...hipsta gypsta!


  1. I too can't believe that it's already June and that we are already half way through 2011! Where does the time go?

    -- Pearl

    PS: I'm sure your mom's necklace is hipsta gypsta. ;)

  2. catherine, you are amazing and i love you. never ever forget that! 'member how we need to have a big birthday celebration since we are only one day apart? AND you are 20 on the 20th...it's your golden birthday which means it's going to be an amazing year:)

  3. just found your blog and it's adorable! following for sure :)


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