Excusing my absence?

Taking a break at work right now so I can stay awake. I haven't been keeping up on here like I usually do, because I had a terribly painful and large papercut on my right pinky and it hurt to type.

Not buying it?
Well it's true...

What else have I been up to?
Teaching a lesson last Sunday, going to meetings, planning and going to ward activities, presidency meetings, talking to lots of people, preparing food for our first Relief Society Meeting/Activity tonight, getting all of the Visiting Teaching put together, writing a talk for church this Sunday, working extra hours (work has been CRAZY this week), waking up early, staying up late, taking twenty minute power naps, running errands, playing Just Dance 2 for a little stress relief, and laughing a lot (mainly at myself, because I AM the funniest person I know...HA.).

Life is so great. I'm really enjoying everything in my life right now.

But... I think I deserve a pedicure tomorrow and a haircut on Friday for making it through this week.
Don't you?


  1. I feel a little like church stuff is taking over my life right now too! So crazy, and my blog is suffering. I may get a pedi myself just to stay sane!

  2. Ha ha hope that paper cut isn't holding you back any more :D There is never not an excuse to get your hair done :D

  3. Totally go for the pedicure! I know we were going to go together but a lady in my ward called me and told me she had an opening so I went and had one done already...but later this summer we will have to make it a must!

  4. I love you Catherine! When all the craziness wears down we need to hang out! :]


Thanks for making my day!

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