Yesterday, it was pouring while I walked into work.

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For the first time in the eleven months I've been working, I used an umbrella to keep me dry while I walked from the parking to my building. I've never put on a hood or used an umbrella until yesterday.

I'm not sure why I haven't used my umbrella before, but I was so happy to be dry and warm and presentable because of the umbrella.

For some reason, I thought later last night when my heart was hurting that I'm glad that I can use a "spiritual umbrella" to help keep me dry when I have a rainy day--the "spiritual umbrella" is knowledge that God knows me and knows what's best for me, He will always help me and guide me. And as long as I do what's right and follow the principles of the Gospel, I will be presentable to Him someday.

"No matter the burdens we face in life as a consequence of natural conditions, the misconduct of others, or our own mistakes and shortcomings, we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father, who sent us to earth as part of His eternal plan for our growth and progress. Our unique individual experiences can help us prepare to return to Him."
-Elder L. Whitney Clayton-

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