Twenty Seven Years

On Wednesday, May 25, my parents celebrated their twenty seventh anniversary!

I can't believe my parents have been married for twenty seven years! I am so lucky to have such wonderful parents who have blessed my life with infinite support and kindness. They have taught me so much about faith, love, and hard work. They have always been great examples and the greatest role models for me, especially because they were married in the Temple.

Two weeks after I was born, my mom and dad started saying to me "There's the Temple! That's where you get married!" whenever we would drive past a Temple. It's just kind of stuck with us kids and it's become such an engrained thing that I've even said it when I'm with my friends. I'm thankful they have helped me realize where I should set my standards and where I should aim to go in life. I'm especially thankful that we can be an eternal family because of their decision to be married in the Temple on a beautiful Spring day twenty seven years ago. The Temple is an amazing place and I always want to be able to stand in holy places.

 I hope that one day I can have the kind of marriage my parents have. They are just the best.

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PS: In the past few weeks, we've gotten their wedding photos out for my mom to use for a lesson and it was hilarious to look at them. You can totally tell my parents got married in the 80s, huh? Some of my favorites are above, but here is a real gem.

Don't worry!! They're only drinking punch! My mom was so absolutely mortified when she saw this. She said, "What in the world was our photographer thinking!?" 
I bet he was thinking, "This will give their kids a good laugh someday." 
He was right. 

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  1. That is seriously classic!! :D ha ha ha! I think I need to go home and whip out my parents pictures! :D


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