things I want to remember about thomas.

constantly playing basketball and talking about basketball.

coming into his room one day and he is standing by the window clipping his nails so the nail clippings fall in the heater vent. um, what? gross.

his laugh and his hugs. he is hilarious.

watching him pass the sacrament at church. he is such a good boy with a strong desire to do what's right and be kind to others.

playing need for speed with him and combining black eyed peas songs with harry potter.

when he comes into my room when i'm studying and i take a break, then we have deep conversations.

asking me constantly if i have a boyfriend or if i like anyone. (the answer? always a resounding no.) then telling me that my theme song for the summer is "kiss me thru the phone".

obsessing with the john wall song and talking gangster.

he calls girls, "divas" all the time. it's hilarious. if he's telling me a story about school and he mentions a girl in it, he says, "she's one of those divas."

i love my brother so much.

other good quotes:

"catherine, you can't eat casual."

the morning of the royal wedding, he walks out into the kitchen and says, "hey guys, do you think p-will is married!?" and bursts out laughing. (if you don't get it, deron williams, the nba basketball player, goes by d-will...so thomas thought it was funny calling prince william p-will.)

"when are they going to get all of these bushes off the streets? this is not the middle ages, people."

calling the house from my mom's cell phone and leaving a message (in an accent) saying, "hello, this is ms. vonzaa. thomas was a very bad boy today at school. he will be in a lot of trouble tomorrow. okay? this is ms. vonzaa. thank you, goodbye."

{photo: j. taylor photography}


  1. hahahahaa what an awesome brother!

  2. Sounds just a hilarious as my younger brother!

  3. awww so cute!
    ive always wanted a little brother.


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