things i want to remember about hope.

going on rides and talking about everything or just being in silence.

playing just dance 2 and she and thomas fighting with each other when they were dancing to the song rasputin, then laughing in unison about how ridiculous they sounded.

her nose always stuck in a book, even when she is blow-drying her hair.

listening to her "voice concerts" through the heater vents or when she's in the shower.

the way she does everything perfectly. really though.

practicing the piano constantly.

quoting disney movies and father of the bride.

somehow bringing our dog, wilson, into every conversation.

her "evil laugh" at the most unexpected times and having a heart attack everytime.

playing basketball and stuffing me, because she's so much taller than me.

her sweet testimony and love of life and the gospel.

i love my sister so much.

{photo: j. taylor photography}


  1. i have a sister too
    they're pretty great :)

  2. This is so nice! :D Sisters are good huh.

  3. she sounds a lot like me :)

    and my oh my she's gorgeous!


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