Such a hooligan.

{Me. Age 3 or 4. Obviously before we remodeled our house. Note the gold fridge, white walls, and brown laminate floors.}

I feel a little crazy....Like the running-away-to-a-warm-tropical-place-and-not-coming-back kind of crazy. Anyone with me?

It's kind of fun to go sit in the Park and Wait at the airport and watch people and planes come and go. I was able to pick up Sarah and see her before she goes to Spain tomorrow.

Sometimes I just want to tell people, "YOU DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL!" like the song.

Frozen hot chocolate is always good.

I don't like......but I do like....but I don't like....I can't make up my mind. Basically, I just wish I could make a phone call and talk to ..... for hours and tell ...... everything that's going on....but I can't bring myself to it.

Why is it that we have a million glue sticks but all of them are dried up?

My favorite therapy? Singing as loud as I can while I drive. Try it and love it.

I've never been much of a wrapper. Like a present/gift wrapper. (Not that I can rap. I can't rap either. Lame.)

Why is it only Tuesday?

PS: Life truly is good and I've had a lot of amazing experiences in the past few weeks. But sometimes the world just gets back in my head for brief moments and tries to bring me down. Thank goodness for my amazing family, great friends, and everyone who shows me kindness and love... I am extremely grateful to them.


  1. yay for positive thinking!

    and who DOESN'T want to go to a tropical island and never come back?!


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