Overwhelmed with love.

After church today, I am in absolute awe of the members of my YSA Ward. Our lessons in Relief Society and Gospel Doctrine were just dynamite, then our speakers in church were so inspired. I don't think I've ever seen a stronger group of individuals and I am just so incredibly humbled (and to be honest, a little more than scared) to have been called and set apart to be the Relief Society President of this ward.

Since I accepted the call last Sunday night, I've used so many kleenexes and I haven't had a whole lot of sleep. I have been so nervous and I feel very young, but I know that God will sustain me and bless me to do this. I have already felt so much love from AND for the members of the ward. Through Him, we can do anything. (Philipians 4:13)

I am humbled that I get to serve and be surrounded by so many faithful individuals. From the first week I started going to this new ward, I have felt so strongly of their goodness and testimonies. I can't even say the least part of what I feel...to put it very simply and say it once again, I am just so humbled and overwhelmed with love.


  1. New calling!! :D Wow, that's gonna be hard but you'll definitely be sustained :D

  2. Catherine you will be such a great relief society president! I'm sure it's pretty overwhelming, but you will be great!


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