a mother's day gift.

a few weeks ago, my dad asked me if i thought we should take professional pictures to give my mom for mother's day. he suggested that we go to target or some other studio, but i thought we should have something a little more natural and less like this...

for over a year now, i have adored jalene's blog and her photography. so i jumped at the chance to ask her to help us with our mother's day gift. we had to be super sneaky and the weather wasn't being too helpful, but we finally were able to make up a believable excuse without our mom suspecting anything. i was a little nervous to meet jalene, but she was so nice and down to earth. she is so professional and knew exactly how to make us look good! she made us laugh and we loved the half hour we spent with her. she is more amazing than she already seems and we were so pleased with the results.

here's just a few...

{Hope and Thomas are obviously the model children}

along with this book, some earrings, and some outfits, we set out picture frames with some of the pictures and an envelope with the rest. my mom couldn't get enough of them and absolutely loved them. she was so happy and she showed them off to both grandmas, who also loved them. we were so happy we could give her a meaningful gift and one she'll love for a very long time. she's the greatest mom ever!

thanks again for helping out, jalene!!!


  1. Such cute pictures of you and your siblings! :D Gorgeous!

  2. Catherine, I just want to say that I absolutely love your blog and you have a beautiful family! Those pictures are gorgeous!

  3. I love this! You all look fab in the pictures!!

  4. cuuuuute family! jalene does good work.


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