May 6, 2011

My best friend, JaNae, married to her sweetheart, Jared, in the Salt Lake Temple. 
I couldn't be happier for them! They are SO perfect for each other. JaNae and I have known each other since we were in Nursery and it has been so neat to watch her grow up and fall in love. After years of lessons about temple marriage in Young Women's, she was the first of the girls our age in our ward to make it to the temple and I am so proud of their decision to go to the Temple. 
Jared and JaNae are amazing people and wonderful examples to many.

{the fab five}

It was fun to go to the Wedding Dinner at the Lion House the night before and hear stories about them from their families. It made me realize once again how great they are for each other. 

{kacee, lydia, allie, brianna (janae's sister), and me}

They had a beautiful day with the sun shining and the flowers in full bloom. 

I was just ecstatic when they walked out of the temple as Mr. & Mrs. Smith! They had a beautiful reception at The Wight House. I was privileged to stand and help people put their pictures from the photo-booth into the book and write messages to the couple. It was such a tribute to JaNae and Jared, as well as their families, to see how many people came and their expressions of best wishes and love. 

I had so many people tell me what a perfect couple they are and I agree with them whole-heartedly. They were so happy the entire day, I loved watching them smile at each other. I love weddings and the joy and love that you feel during these occasions...This one was no exception! 

Congratulations, JaNae and Jared! 
Love you both!!!

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