Lessons from my Sophomore-ish year.

Fall Semester=18 Credits, 16-20 hours of work, 4-8 hours of  LDS sorority (Psi) activities & meetings per week
Spring Semester=14 Credits, 20-24 hours of work, 4-8 hours of  LDS sorority (Psi) activities & meetings per week

1. You can never have enough pairs of nylons.
2. Keep lots of quarters, nickels and dimes in your car, because sometimes, all you can find is metered parking on campus even when you have a U Pass. Parking is a joke on our campus.
3. So...free Institute parking rocks...when you aren't running late.
4. Kingsbury Hall can be easily mistaken for Libby Gardner Hall.
5. Our campus gives you a great workout. I did not take the shuttle once this year. Walked everywhere and sometimes even parked further away to get an even longer walk.
6. Most of the time, the best thing you can do on a Friday night is watch Psych, relax, and sleep.
7. Crown Burger Chocolate Shakes are still heaven on Earth, in my opinion. It's also funny/interesting to see how much I've experienced since my first days of college. I've realized I have much more to learn. {Read here}
8. Invest in a great backpack. Fact: I use backpacks until they fall apart. I used the same backpack from kindergarten to seventh grade. Then I got a new one and used it from eighth grade to my freshman year in college. So when my parents gave me a nice, big, new backpack for my birthday last year, I was more than grateful because it became a lifesaver. I utilized almost every pocket in it everyday. It carried my life in it, with everything from a brush and change of work clothes to my laptop and 5 books and scriptures. I can tell this backpack will get as much use as my other ones.
9. Be prepared for every kind of weather to happen in one day. If it is sunny in the morning and you only wear a light jacket, make sure you have gloves and an umbrella and maybe another jacket because there could be a blizzard by the afternoon. That happened one too many times for my liking.
10. It's okay to walk in silence. Last year, I would always put in my iPod and listen to music as I walked on campus to class. This year, I never did that once. It was nice to be able to think and ponder and pray in that silence...and sometimes eavesdrop on other people's bizzare conversations.
11. There is still nothing better than the elation that comes from walking out of your last final for the semester.


  1. no doubt!
    great advice :)

  2. YAY! You're done :D Parking at any University sucks...even in Australia. I love walking without my ipod in because nature and those around you offer the album of life to listen to :D


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