jet streams and sunshine and spring

the start of lemonade season, usually raspberry.
i always bite my straw.
lunch time: blow air into the capri sun pouch and squeeze air out
onto my face, then laugh.

airplanes, watching their jet streams and dreaming.
what is it about you?

today: pumps, pencil skirt, crisp white shirt and robin egg blue cardigan.
like: paisley ties, three piece tan suits, argyle socks. maybe not combined.

double bing of the elevator,
ned ryerson? bing!

smell of freshly cut grass and dew and bark
with hyacinths and lilacs.

snacking on chocolate teddy grahams.
headbands, most of the time.

gray walls=chic.

hold my hand.
our laundry detergent must be the same.

reading and understanding and increasing
in knowledge and faith.

sea & ski cool mist chapstick.
vibrant hues of nailpolish.

blushing and smiling.

watching flowers and things grow,
people too. but in a different way.

music streaming constantly in my head,
seemingly every song has a memory attached to it.
some heavy and others give me wings.

bright, bright sunshine that pierces the soul.
i could tell you words and thoughts and experiences and stories forever
which one?

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  1. I loved this and I love you! You are definitely an amazing writer and thinker. I love your caring ways and the way you shine! Love YOU.


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