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This week is a week of departures.

Not only did I finish my finals yesterday, but I left behind all of my worries about homework and tests...at least for the next three months.

My friend, H, leaves next week to go be a highfalutin (haha) intern.

JaNae is leaving the single life and getting hitched to her sweetheart this friday.

Multiple friends and old roommates are going on study abroad this summer to England and Spain.

Earlier today, I was thinking, "What kind of departures am I going to make?" I'm not going anywhere exotic this summer. I'll just be working and having fun here. But tonight, I was at a Relief Society meeting where a lady in our ward talked about the Temple and it was just so good. I'll be honest, I cried a lot. I've had a few rough days and it was just what I needed to hear. The Temple is my focus in everything and being able to be there with all of my family someday is my most important goal in life. And that is the only destination I will constantly to focus on. 

Now that summer is here (not weather wise, but I'm done with school), 
there are other departures I'm making and destinations I want to reach...

-I'm going to be leaving my family ward and going to the new YSA ward.
-I'm going to leave my out-of-shape body behind and get it back into shape.
-I'm going to start saving more and do a lot of good so I can do this next summer. I even got my passport photo at Walgreen's last night and I'll be getting an application ready!
-I'm going to finally leave the classes that don't relate to my major (but are required for my major...funny how that is, huh?) and study as hard as I can to get ahead for my CSD (communication sciences& disorders) courses in the fall.
-I'm going to leave behind any negativity and try to seek and emulate only the positive.

What kind of departures and destinations are you making in your life?

PS: Good departure song {here}


  1. Love it! It's funny how when you are having crappy days that one little thing someone says is all you need to fell better about everything.

  2. so many exciting changes!! i hope you have a good summer off from school, there is nothing worse than going to school in the summer.

    i love the temple, there really is no greater joy than knowing that you'll be with your family forever :)


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