The Bucket List

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In high school, my AP English teacher, Mrs. Jenkins (love her!), had us write a letter to ourselves before we graduated. At the end, I included a list of things I wanted to accomplish in my lifetime. She told us she was going to mail us the letters five years after we graduated. I'm almost approaching two years, but as I was looking through my drawer a few days ago, I stumbled across the list I made. The letter wasn't there, so that will be fun to receive in three years. But I guess I printed out the list and kept it. I had written down SO many things to learn, places to go, things to experience. It almost looks a little silly now. So I decided to make an updated and condensed bucket list. But I've come to find out a lot of the things haven't changed.

1. Earn a Master's Degree in Speech Pathology.
2. Be with my future husband and all of my children in the Temple one day. Always be worthy to go to the Temple.
3. Own an Audi (OW-DEE). Or some kind of nice sports car.
4. Serve an LDS Mission (whether it is as a young adult or a senior couple mission with my future husband one day.)
4. Take a trip starting in Baja California and work my way down the coast of Central and South America to Cape Horn.
5. Go to a Broadway play in New York.
6. Go to London.
7. Learn how to whistle and wink and dance. (All at the same time, of course.)
8. Speak Spanish fluently. (It's funny because if it's slow enough, I can understand the jist of most conversations, but I would have a hard time contributing to a conversation unless it was simple.)
9. Live outside of Utah.
10. Meet someone famous.
11. Swim in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean. (I don't think I'll make it to every major body of water, but if I do, that would be pretty sweet!)
12. Ride a vespa, have a gondola...ride... and eat pizza in Italy. (Is that the proper term...a gondola ride? For some reason, it sounds weird to me.)
13. Walk through a rainforest.

I'm sure I will add more and it won't stay condensed, but it makes me excited to think that I'll check every single one of these things off this list.

Oh I forgot... H added this on about a month ago: Watch Monty Python and The Holy Grail. He was shocked I hadn't seen his favorite movie and he said it was one of the easy-to-do, cheaper ones on my bucket list. He was right...I can check that off.

I'm off to a good start, right? :)

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