Your voice.


It would crack every so often as we studied and talked about our lives, assuring me you were human. Even though you were still basically perfect. I always felt completely comfortable around that laugh and smile. You were the type that someone could pick out of a crowd-you simply had a glow. You were a change of pace. I could tell you loved your family and I loved that about you. I had never liked someone who couldn't carry a tune, but I could sing with you all the time. I was myself with you. I loved when you would stick up for me, even when I was teased about the music I listened to that day while I was studying. You told the teacher, "Hey, there ain't nothing better than The Bee Gees." And thinking back on it,  I realize how good you are for me, along with a million other little things. The details matter. I'm convinced you saw me go through every emotion but you still talked to me. Though we could be surrounded by others, it would get quieter between us when you'd confess little things to me, like it was a secret only I could hear and know. That time you called me "doll face" and my heart melted.

The phone call when you were outside my house that summer night, but I didn't answer and you left a message. I hadn't seen you since you saw me on the fourth of July and waved. I needed you to come up to the door that night. When the door opened, you asked me if I was okay and I replied I was okay, but I left out the part that it was only because I was looking at you. Listening to you talk about everything soothed my soul that night.

 I could never tire of hearing your voice.


  1. oh catherine, i love you! and i love your blog and you're amazing! okay i'm done.

  2. I read this listening to the Natasha Bedingfield song. I needed a smile this morning. Loved it ;)

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