We were not just thrown together.

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Sometimes I get startled really easily. It all depends on the situation and how alert I am, but when I am startled, I am fall-out-of-the-chair, trip-and-fall-flat-on-my-face, let-out-a-huge-scream-or-gasp kind of startled. One of my teachers in high school told me they liked to look at me during class because I had an overly expressive face. I wasn't aware of this, but thanks, I guess?

But I can't wink. Or whistle. Or raise one eyebrow.

My feet are huge...I've talked about that before...but my feet are also super ticklish. Out of control ticklish.

My hair is naturally curly/wavy. So when I know it's going to rain or snow, I feel like there's no point in doing anything to it because it'll just go wild anyway. I also feel like I couldn't pull off short hair. My hair was up to about my collarbone at the end of last summer and I feel like it was not flattering in the least bit.

Someone told me that I looked like Kate Middleton when I got on the elevator today at work. I'll take it, after all my name is Catherine and my grandpa does call me Princess.

When I was in fourth grade and my dad was taking me to a campout and hike Mt. Timpanogos one weekend, I distinctly remember telling him that my eyes were my favorite feature because I had "sunflower eyes". From far away, you may think I have brown eyes. Common mistake. Actually, I have green eyes with yellow flecks around the irises. And I'm pretty sure "sunflower eyes" is the only way to eloquently describe that.

I am going to be the shrimp of my family. I'm about 5'7" and Thomas is quickly catching up. Hope has long passed me up and she's still growing. Bummer.

Apparently I have "dainty hands".

Now you know more random things about me (whether you wanted to or not...hahaha), but to sum it all up, I'm thankful for my body and for what I've been generously given. Our bodies are amazing gifts and I am in awe of how all the little details come together and form human beings every second of everyday. After studying biology for years and taking anatomy last year, I just get so emotional over how simply astounding our bodies are and how I know, without a doubt, that we were not just thrown together. We have purpose in life. Everything we have been given from our personalities to our best features to what I like to call my "recessive genes"... All of it serves an important purpose in our life journey, and I know that Someone had to have a hand in our creation.

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  1. cute post :)
    i easily startle too, but at least if you were startled in a bad way you could alert someone;
    i freeze up. i'd end up being carried away with a shocked expression!
    i'm short too (5'2ish)


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