{third grade}

i'll be twenty in two months.

i remember my neighbor, katelyn, was turning ten years old and my mom writing  "happy decade" in her birthday card.  i asked her what decade meant and becoming obsessed with the word for that afternoon. to a mere eight year old in third grade, it seemed so old, so grown-up. one whole decade was a big thing.

a few nights ago, an old britney spears song came on while i was studying. i couldn't help but smile and think of jumping on the trampoline, wearing jelly sandals, coming up with our own versions of the music videos for britney, 'n sync, and the backstreet boys, watching boy meets world, talking in katelyn's sunflower themed room, walking to school for years, singing in the neighborhood chorus during the summer and katelyn's mom, patrice, teaching us songs like, "doodle caboodle", "fred fred use your head", and "oh boy i've got joy".

i have almost lived two decades of life and i still feel like those days were yesterday.

but yesterday, i drove to school, sat through five college classes, drove back home, and studied.
and today, i worked and received my tax refund, 
like someone so old and so grown-up.

life is so wonderful, but in the words of ferris bueller, 
life moves by pretty fast...if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. 


  1. Enjoy the last of your teen years :P Life really does move by so quickly... Enjoy it all! :D

  2. Aww I absolutely adore this post! Thank you for the reminder of how sweet life is :) It was much needed over here! xox


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