A little Cinderella does the heart a lot of good.

I remember coming home one spring day day from high school being broken-hearted. I don't remember what exactly had happened (which is probably a good thing), but I put on my comfortable clothes and watched Cinderella while eating chicken noodle soup. Cinderella had been my favorite movie as a little girl and I was teary eyed the entire time. After years of hard work and adversity, Cinderella gets the prince. She had faith in her dreams and they came true. 

It did my heart a lot of good that day to have that reminder and I have carried it with me since that day.

Our system crashed at work on Friday morning, so I watched some clips of the Royal Wedding and I couldn't help but tear up and squeal with excitement. 
Thank goodness for DVR, because I came home and watched the BBC coverage, then I watched all of the specials and the ceremony over and over again.

I couldn't get over how simply marvelous everyone looked (sans Andrew and Fergie's daughters).

I am in love with Kate's gorgeous dress.

My heart was filled with joy when they would steal little looks at each other during the ceremony and smile. They looked so happy and glowing the entire day.

I loved when William told Kate she looked beautiful when he finally saw her at the altar.

I loved seeing them smile and wave to everyone.

I loved that Prince William stole not one, but two kisses from his princess 
on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

I fell in love with love again yesterday.

Yesterday, dreams came true and this Cinderella story did my heart a lot of good.
Many happy years to Prince William and Princess Catherine!

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  1. amen!

    my favorite movie was the swan princess!


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