i'm grateful it's the weekend.

i'm grateful for a car to drive.

i'm grateful for nutrigrain apple cinnamon bars.

i'm grateful for h making me burst out laughing at work this morning when i read his texts. it made work go by quicker.

i'm grateful for hair that cooperates with me ninety percent of the time.

i'm grateful for big comfortable sweatshirts and thick socks for my always cold feet.

i'm grateful for sunshine and tulips and daffodils.

i'm grateful for driving with my family and conversations we have.

i'm grateful for relaxing friday nights with my family. we watched "the next three days" and it made me feel grateful that my life isn't that complicated and stressful.

i'm grateful for people that make me smile and laugh. i'm grateful for people who do the little things. i'm grateful for people who are genuinely kind.

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  1. awww... i love the simplicity of this post!
    it says a lot about you as a person who admires the simple and valueable things life has to offer!

    I'm now ur follower !! :)

    hey and btw, i'm hosting an Earth Day contest at my blog, would you like to participate?

    here's my blog link: http://www.couragetodream.blogspot.com

    I hope you will drop by as well!
    till then keep enjoying the beauty that life has to offer!



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