I don't ever wanna hear again that my Filipino accent doesn't work magic! -Shawn Spencer

{Psi Girls 2010-2011. End of Year Celebration. April 7, 2011}

-Coming home from work on Friday, my grandparents came up to visit and then we all went to dinner and walked around Lowe's looking at carpet and paint chips. My grandparents say the funniest things some times. Later that night I was practically half asleep and H called. I'm pretty sure that I didn't make sense to him at all, because I was so sleepy. Then I was wide awake and I drove to Nielsen's with Kacee to get raspberry ice cream and we came back to her house to watch Psych and listen to her play the guitar. The girl's got skill.
-Talking in accents. I tend to do that a lot.
-Saturday afternoon, my family ditched me to go bowling while I worked on homework and played Just Dance 2...by myself. I beat my highest score though and I felt pretty happy about that.
-Going to Pizza Factory and being matchy-matchy in red plaid shirts with H, but I tried to cover that up by wearing my leather jacket. We did not plan our outfits, even though he later tried to convince me he called my mom to ask what I was wearing. Making fun of probably the worst James Bond movie ever made, Moonraker. Then watching another episode of Psych (love that show!) and finding out freezing cold clementines are really good. Whoda thunk? Then driving back to my house and playing basketball in my driveway with snowballs and teasing each other. Basically I just love talking and laughing with H about anything. I could listen to him talk forever. I don't think I've ever laughed so much in a weekend. He is so hilarious and so down-to-Earth.
-Church was really great today. I am surrounded by some really neat people and neighbors who have taught me so much and continue to amaze me with their examples and love.
-I am convinced that my family has some of the best Sunday dinner conversations. We can go from laughing until we cry about everything to talking about the Gospel and bearing our testimonies. I love Sundays.

Not Cool
-Kels and I didn't drive to school together on Thursday and that was really weird. It threw off my groove. We did go to Hire's for lunch, but it still wasn't the same as talking to each other before and after our long days at school. But maybe it was good we didn't drive together since I was so emotional on the way home and I pulled over to talk to H for a minute.
-The reason why I was emotional-I was basically crying all of Thursday night during our end of year celebration for Lambda Delta Sigma. I can't believe that this year in Psi is over and that everything changed. I received the Three Ideals (Gospel Scholarship, Sisterhood, and Service) award for Psi and I felt truly humbled by it. That was a huge compliment to me and I am thankful for the girls who nominated me for it. They had no idea how much I needed those compliments that were read that night and it was truly humbling to hear what they said. It was a bittersweet night, but I am so excited for Jessi to be the new President and for Holly to be the Inter-Chapter Treasurer.
-Snow and wetness. More snow, and more wetness. It's April, but my daffodils are drooping outside under piles of snow. ("Oh yeah, my daffodils are drooping too"-H)

Life is good. Oh so good.

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