group projects. never have liked em.

allow me to let off some steam....

1. never be facebook friends with a person in your group. because it will infuriate you when you see statuses like, "i'm sooooooo bored! what should i do?" (HMMM I DON'T KNOW...MAYBE WORK ON YOUR PART OF THE GROUP PROJECT) and "i'm making chocolate caramels...yum!" (AT LEAST BRING SOME OF THOSE TO CLASS WITH YOU TO MAKE UP FOR NOT DOING YOUR SHARE OF THE PROJECT.)

2. we all have jobs. we all go to school. we all are busy with life. it will only take you at most twenty minutes to write and edit your portion of the project. i promise.

3. group papers should not be allowed. ever. ever. i don't care if google docs was created to make group papers easier. it still did not help. people still kept editing the paper and fixing things and emailing me even though i made it clear to please STOP editing so i could do the final edit at 3 pm today...now yesterday.

grumble grumble.

at least i was the one to do the final edit of the paper before turning it in. i spent two hours on fixing everything i could. i always end up doing the work on group projects. blame it on the perfectionist in me.

i guess i could stay up and watch the coverage of the royal wedding that will start in twenty minutes.

nah, i'll just record it. and go to bed.

i have two finals on monday back to back and then, i'm freeeeeeeee!!!!


  1. i have that problem with group projects too.
    i especially love the people that pretend they're so busy and can't. because the rest of us live to do projects!

  2. Genius, genius, genius!


Thanks for making my day!

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