Good one-liners and late nights.

{Olive Garden. April 1, 2011.}

“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart." -Elisabeth Foley

-Driving to and from school with Kelsey on Thursday. That probably gets old hearing about it, but it never gets old for me. It's always an adventure and so hilarious. This week's highlights were trying to order frosties, the sun roof being open for the first time in forever, singing "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"-Whitney Houston and trying to make turns while coughing/swallowing gum.
-Thursday night also marked the last night of an actual meeting for Psi. I will no longer be the treasurer this upcoming Thursday. Being an officer in my sorority has been a growing experience for me and it's a little bittersweet to see this year ending, but life goes on and life is good.
-Hope had her wisdom teeth out on Friday while I was at work. On my way home from work, I stopped at Target to get all the supplies and gifts for JaNae's bridal shower. And guess who I saw? My crush. I haven't seen him in ages. Heart was pounding the entire time he helped me find what I was looking for (I actually didn't know where something was this time) and my heart was especially pounding when he told me it was "good to see me". Swoon. {Read about him HERE}.
-Funny texts and phone calls from H and bets with Kelsey...except that I lost the bet.
-Lots of letters and notes in the mail this week from people I love. It's the best.
-JaNae's Bridal Shower was so fun with everything from a chocolate fountain to toilet paper wedding dresses. I am so happy for her!
-After the shower, we drove to Olive Garden in Layton at about 10 pm to have real food and celebrate Allie's birthday. It was hilarious to sit and talk, swap bad dating stories, and just be together. We came back to Kacee's house at about 11:30, talked more, looked at JaNae's engagements, laughed ourselves silly, and all piled on Kacee's bed and talked more. Being with the girls of the Fab 5 always does my heart so much good. I left at about 1:00 to go home and I thought I was dead driving home. I barely slept during the rest of the week and needed to rest after going all day long since 5 am.
-Saturday morning was the start of General Conference. I was able to go to the afternoon session with Allie and our friends and sit about 18 rows directly in front of the Prophet. It was so neat to watch these men walk in and sit down. You can see they are just regular men, but they are also men of God and know the reality of the Savior. It was a good session to be at and I was thankful for the chance to go. After being stuck in traffic downtown for almost an hour and dropping people off, we made it home. I had the best steak taco of my life, ate some pumpkin chocolate chip bread and a smoothie. My grandpa came up to go to the Priesthood session with Dad and Thomas. It was fun to talk to him afterward about boys and look at pictures from when I was little. After he left, I played Just Dance 2 with Thomas (you know you're bad at that game when your brother can beat you) and I was going to go to Allie's house to watch Tangled, but last minute I decided not to and stayed home. We got some more dinner at Wendy's at 10 pm and watched Tangled together as a family...but most of us fell asleep on the sectional.
-Today I slept a lot. I stayed awake for almost all of the morning session while we ate french toast and smoothies and bacon for breakfast. We watched Tangled all the way through in between sessions. But the afternoon session, I was completely zonked. I downloaded it on my iTouch and will probably listen to it or watch it at work tomorrow. But I woke up for the end and helped make dinner. It was so delicious! We played Jeopardy on the Wii as a family afterward. We also played a little Just Dance 2, but it was mainly Thomas, my mom, and me. Then I did my taxes with my dad...oof.

-People who don't RSVP. Really people, it's not hard to call/text/fb message someone/respond to an event invitation and say, "Yes, Maybe or No."
-Trying to fit 12 balloons into Catherine Shuttle and drive to Kacee's house on Friday. I thought I was going to die from the smell of latex.
-My facebook has been really slow/won't even work. I can't open anything or look at anything people send me. I hate being dependent on technology at times.
-Taxes. At least they're done now, right?
-Hope has had some hurtful things happen, didn't make madrigals, and she had her wisdom teeth out. This has been a rough weekend for her and I wish I could make it all better for her.
-Um, it snowed, hailed, and rained today and it's April 3. But I do live in Utah...shouldn't be surprised.

Sometimes, when I'm tired, I say the most interesting things and 
laugh really hard at things other people say. Good one liners from this weekend (they may not be that funny to the reader, but I had to write them down to remember them):

"I like this shirt, because it's so fluttery!"

"Can I have a small chocolate vanilla please? Thank you!" (Trying to order a chocolate frosty)

"Sun roof's open...life is good."

"She thinks she's all that and a bag of chips." -Kelsey

"Somebody WHOOOOOOO, Somebody WHOOOOOOO. DANCE!" -Me & Kelsey

"I eat small breakfasts and dinners, but large lunches." -JaNae
"That's the Spanish way of life." -Me

"Thanks for introducing me to Excedrin, Catherine. I think I've been overdoing it on the drugs. Oh well."-JaNae

"How was your dinner tonight, ladies?"-Hostess at the front of Olive Garden
"I thought it was great, but we didn't get our mints." -Me
"Oh let me go get you some."
And she went to the back and brought us out a handful of mints. I'm usually not like that AT ALL, but in this case, I'm glad I said something.

And sometimes when Hope gets her wisdom teeth out, she sends me texts like this when she gets home.

Hope: A cake, Frank, is made of flour and water. (11:56 am)
Me: You can speak/text! Feel better, Hopie. (12:01 pm)
Hope: A cake, Frank, is made of flour and water. (12:01)
Hope: A cake, Frank, is made of flour and water. (12:02)
Hope: A cake, Frank, is made of flour and water. (12:03)
Me: My first car didn't even cost $1200. (12:03)
Hope: A cake, Frank, is made of flour and water. (12:04)
Hope: A cake, Frank, is made of flour and water. (12:06)
Hope: I'm good. Pretty alert. Hurts a little, but I had loratab. (12:10)
Me: Oh good. (12:11)
Hope: Loratab helps. You're at work. Love you, bye! (12:15)

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