Go Forth.

{San Francisco, July 2010}

"Prepare. Plan. Work. Sacrifice. Rework. Spend cheerfully on matters of worth. Carry the calm, and wear the assurance of having done the best you could with what you had. If you work hard and prepare earnestly, it will be very difficult for you to give in or give up or wear down. If you labor with faith in God and in yourself and in your future, you will have built upon a rock. Then, when the winds blow and the rains come—as surely they will—you shall not fall." 
--Jeffrey R. Holland, For Times of Trouble, March 18, 1980--

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  1. Bona Sera Senorita!
    Interesting to see your entries and journaling. You are far greater than these words and you are prettier than these pictures. Now that's a mama love!


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