Acute Otitis Media.

Also know as a Middle Ear Infection.

For the past two weeks, I haven't been able to hear as well/I have felt like I constantly have to "pop" my ears. I couldn't stand it anymore by Wednesday and finally stopped at Instacare after work.

My dad's old mission companion was the doctor (small world, huh?) and he saw fluid behind my tympanic membranes (ear drums), but no sign of infection. He still gave me some antibiotics and told me they would fix me right up. It's been four days and I am still not in tip-top shape. In fact, I have felt worse last night and today.

So, I asked my dad and neighbor to give me a priesthood blessing after church. I know that I'll start to feel better, but ear infections are painful and there are just some sounds that I absolutely cannot handle. I feel like my head is constantly throbbing. Having an emotional breakdown about everything this weekend probably hasn't helped me get better.

In other news...

My sorority end of year activity was on Thursday at Holly's. We had dinner, watched a DVD of our pictures, had our last For the Good of The Sisterhood (testimony meeting), and the new officers were announced. Needless to say, I cried. More than I wanted to/thought I would. And I laughed a lot too. I am thankful for the friendships I've gained in PSI and for the strengthening my testimony has received from these girls.

There's nothing better than watching Harry Potter 7, Part 1 while bundled up in my Zebra Snuggie.

On Saturday morning, our stake had a Relief Society Women's Conference with classes, a luncheon, and a speaker. This was a great experience for me and I really enjoyed what I learned in the classes about divine nature and learning to balance the different "hats" women wear in life.

Hope, Mom and I went shopping yesterday afternoon. It was fun for a little while and I bought some cute tops for spring/summer. But I am not a shopper--I never like browsing and walking around for hours. So after three hours, I was exhausted/more than ready to leave.

When we got home, Hope and her friend, Nina, played a basketball game against me and Thomas. We won, but Hope and Nina are taller than me and they are brutal basketball players. After about twenty minutes, I had to go in because I felt like my ears were going to burst and I had bumps and bruises all over me.

My Survey of Jazz class seems to be following me wherever I go. I keep hearing songs I've had to memorize for tests and last night, I was watching a movie that randomly mentioned Coltrane, Mingus, and Davis--Jazz musicians. I exclaimed (probably louder than usual due to the ear infection), "I know who they are!" and Hope thought I was weird.

Today, I had church and then came home to rest and have dinner. Church is always good for me. Without a doubt, I know the Gospel is true and God has a plan for me, greater than anything I could plan for myself.

I slacked on writing this week, but I'm getting ready for finals and finishing up the semester. Don't worry, I'll survive and I'll get back to writing frequently on here after May 2.

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  1. Just because you are studying this doesn't mean you need to go there. And these things shall give thee experience...love your words of wisdom!


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